Sonya Lynn (2nd)

"I stayed with Marja and Jeroen for a week during my last tour in The Netherlands. They came to pick me up from the station even though I arrived pretty late that evening. They were very welcoming and hospitable towards me during my entire time with them. Jeroen is also a very good cook. I thoroughly enjoyed all our meals together.

It was my second time shooting with Jeroen. The shoot went really well and the results were great. I suggested getting tied and hang upside down for the shoot. During the shoot, Jeroen was very careful and made my safety and comfort his utmost priority. He even went to the stage to make the ropes more comfortable for me and ensured that they were secure without compromising my safety. I do appreciate his effort.

I can't wait to meet Maja and Jeroen again on my next tour. Definitely highly recommended for the second time. 
Thank you Marja and Jeroen. 
:-) "

Shoots:   The White Room   -   Girls   -   Clown Erotism   -   Royal Boudoir   -   Dutch Landscapes   -   Classic Erotism   -   Bewitched

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