For Models

We are always looking for new faces. Fitting for our projects of course, but experience is not a must, as we can guide you through a shoot plentiful, and always take the time and effort to create the best result.

Just hafe a look at the different opptions we offer, or email us for more details, as there is much more possible, than I can tell you here.




Model Opportunities

Check out our running and/or upcoming projects, and see if you would like to be a part of this.

When we expect good results we offer a commission. Which means you get paid a percentage of the proceeds of the art we sell, shot with you.

Check for yourself: Opportunities


Shoot-to-Order (Shoot at cost)

Projects come to an end sometimes, as we find we have enough material to offer a good selection of sell-able art. But still, you might like to have such a shoot with you as the model. For yourself or for your portfolio.

We offer the unique opportunity for you to still do such a shoot. And even if the resulting artwork gets sold, you get your commission. But as we do not require more images we do ask of you to pay the material costs that go into such a photo shoot. This are very reasonable sums, but as you understand, we can not do this for free.

Check for yourself: To-Order


Prepair (Come to your shoot well prepaired)

It is very important to consider some well known facts before coming to a shoot. This prevents disapointment at your and our end.

From what to wear and not to wera, and what you can do before hand to have the best shoot possible.

Check for yourself: Prepair



We find it very important models feel welcome and save, so we go through great lengths to make sure you are as well.

To find out how models before you experienced shooting with us we like to share their references.

Check for yourself: References